Barry The Soap Dude’s Story:

Hello my name is Barry Chandler. I was raised in a small town in the Texas Hill Country. This where I learned about community. It was a tiny ranching town. I only had 12 people in my high school class. The people in our town knew everyone and we worked hard to build a great community. It was a great place to grow up.


I have been in the soap business since 1989, hence the name “Barry The Soap Dude”. I worked with Lysol’s industrial division in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Hawaii. Then worked for Affiliated Paper Company covering 248 distributors and 160 manufactures across the US. The training I received from Lysol and the manufactures of professional janitorial products was exceptional.   This gave me knowledge to open my on company. 

In 1999 I opened my first janitor supply company in Houston, Texas. One of the specialties in my business is Industrial Hand Cleaners. I developed my first Hand cleaner and manufactured it in my garage for the first two years.

We now have 5 industrial products that we contract manufacture, warehouse and sell through industrial distribution side of my business.

In addition, we patented and developed X-it Lite Family of Skin Cleansers for retail. We are launching Gizmo So Eazy, Sportsman Clean and Finnegan’s Foot Scrub on this E-Commerce site.

Thanks Barry The Soap Dude


If it weren’t for Gizmo the Cat, we would not be telling this story or helping people to remove bacteria and have super clean soft hands and skin, yep, that his picture.  

You see Gizmo has always been an adaptable-movable cat.  We have moved a lot and Giz just moved right along with us.  So when he had to stay in my soap warehouse for a little while, no big deal.  Critters to chase, people to pet him and plenty of food.  However, attention was most important, so he was lonely. 
While Gizmo was in the warehouse, I was inventing a new industrial hand cleaner using absorbent plant particles for the grit.  I mixed up a 16 ounce trial sample in Red Solo cup and took to the warehouse to incubate (hot, humid in the summer in Houston). 

I opened the door and here comes lonely Gizmo at a full gallop, oh yeah, if you don’t pick him up, he climbs (claws and all) right up to your face.  So I bent down to pet him, he jumped up and knocked the cup of new soap out of my hands on the concrete floor.  It was 5:00 o’clock on Friday and I had promised my bride I wouldn’t be late for our dinner plans.  I fed and petted Giz, left the mess on the concrete floor till tomorrow. 

On Saturday morning I threw open the large garage door, with sun light shining on the mess, it looked very different. I walked over, kicked it and it powdered.  A little voice in my head said “All the water evaporated but the soap is still in the absorbent, hollow plant fibers”.  

So I swept it up, put it in a bottle, took it to the sink and washed my hands with it.  The only way to describe the way my hands felt after was WOW SUPER CLEAN & SOFT!  Then I went to the forklift, rubbed my hands on the greasy chains, washed them again, all of the grease was gone quickly!  One last test.  I stuck my hand up the exhaust pipe of the diesel truck, coated them with black nasty carbon and that also came off very easily.  Please understand that I have been demonstrating industrial hand cleaner for close to 30 years and know what a great hand cleaner is supposed to feel like. 
So, 63 days later I had a patent pending and “Gizmo The Inventor Cat” is back home.  King of the House and our product line was born.  Thanks Gizzy.


A few other facts that make Gizmo ideal for the charity.

  • First, Gizmo is a natural plant based product, safe for the environment and the people who use it. 

  • Second, Gizmo is extremely light weight, a gallon weighs about 2 pounds, therefore freight saving is tremendous over liquids and bar soaps.  A gallon of Gizmo will provide over 5,000 hand washings.
  • Third, Gizmo’s shelf life is virtually unlimited.  As long as Gizmo is stored in a water proof container, it is just as effective as the day it was manufactured. 
  • We can visualize where clean water and Gizmo go hand in hand.

We hope you find it in your heart to join us in our opportunities to make a difference.