Gizmo is used on all the skin on your body, face, hands feet, you can even shower with it.  You can feel and see the difference. Directions are very simple, just wet your hands, add a small amount (1/8 of a teaspoon) then scrub and rinse with water.  Please note; facial skin is much softer that hand and feet. So massage gently with the 2nd and 3rd fingers, they put less pressure than the 1st finger.  Allow to remain on the face for 5 or 10 seconds like a mask.

Finnegan’s can be use on your body also, however it is excellent for feet where odors and rough skin may occur.  It is also perfect for dry skin on working hands, elbows and knees.  Cleans, softens, smooths while removing odors and bacteria with simply washing. 

X-it Lite Family of Skin Cleansers

Gizmo So Easy

Sportsman Clean

Sportsman Clean was developed for outdoor enthusiast, fishermen, hunters, hikers, bikers and all of the folks that love to play and work outside.   Just like the other X-it Lite products it absorbs the oil, grease dirt from whatever you are doing.  It is especially great for removing fish and animal odors when you are fishing or hunting and cleaning up. Being extremely light weight, is convenient to carry in your back pack, boat or game bag.

Finnegan's Foot Scrub

The X-it Lite family of product all clean same with patent protected power of absorbent hollow plant fiber.  X-it Lite absorbs the dirt, oil, grease, odors and bacteria in to the hollow plant particles so you can wash them down the drain.  No more antibacterial chemicals that kill the bacteria, while harming the environment and you.  Simple washing is all it takes. 

The Share Packs are in every box you order, these are to be shared with friends and family, to their skin can feel exceptionally clean, smooth and soft and they can feel “SAFE” knowing that the bacteria/germs are removed and rinsed down the drain.  With an absorbent 87% plant fiber product, no a manmade chemical product, that kills the bacteria, dries your skin, and harms you and the environment.