The test result in bacterial removal and overall superior cleaning simply by hand washing with X-it Lite Family of Skin Cleansers as resulted in a decision we call. “X-it Lite ONE For ONE”.

Barry Chandler owner, founder, inventor of X-it Lite has decided to offer to World Health Organization or a similar charity a donation of same amount of product we sell as a gift to be distributed by them to the less fortunate people of the world. Hence the name X-it Lite ONE For ONE

This is incorporated into our funding platform, so everyone that helps us fund by purchasing our X-it Lite Family of Skin Cleansers will be donating alongside of us.

In the initial package there are 48 ounces of X-it Lite product. We will donate an equal amount of 48 ounces.

What does this mean in terms of value to the people who receive this donation? 48 ounces of X-it Lite, will clean and remove the germs/bacteria in more than 1,800 hand washings. So for a family of 4 that is more than 200 days of clean bacteria free hands if used 2 times a day. Over half a year. Of course this means that same value can be applied to you, plus much more. Bacteria and odor, grease, oil and dirt removal and exfoliation for your skin in 3 different X-it Lite products. Let’s not forget what my customers say about Acne Control.

All of this is accomplished with an 87.3% dry plant fiber skin cleaner formulation. It is an environmental friendly and sustainable product that meets requirements of the 2007 Farm Bill Act for Renewable Resources. A fact that is unmatched in our industry. community is what we are inviting you to join when you purchase this funding platform. As a bonus everyone you tell or give Share Pack with who emails us, we will offer this same funding Bonus.

50% saving off of list price, free shipping, free Share Packs and the opportunity to create X-it Lite ONE For ONE. Barry The Soap Dude sez Thanks!



As you notice Gizmo is a cat, but he is not the only cat in our home.  We currently have 4 rescued cats living with us. My bride (of 31 years) and I love animals, so we seem to end up with a lot of them.  Most of our product offering for Barry The Soap Dude have cat names. Gizmo So Eazy and Finnegan’s Foot Scrub are the first two products we are offering.  You will get to meet all of the cats as we launch the new products.  So in honor of our feline housemates, we will and are making donations to several save the kitties campaigns.  Our current donations go to (Baja34 animal rescue fund) at  This is a story of a homeless person on the beach in Baja was scrounging food for homeless dogs and cats and how vacationers helped move the animals to the US and are finding homes for them. They even built the homeless man a place to live.

A few other facts that make Gizmo ideal for the charity.

  • First, Gizmo is a natural plant based product, safe for the environment and the people who use it. 

  • Second, Gizmo is extremely light weight, a gallon weighs about 2 pounds, therefore freight saving is tremendous over liquids and bar soaps.  A gallon of Gizmo will provide over 5,000 hand washings.
  • Third, Gizmo’s shelf life is virtually unlimited.  As long as Gizmo is stored in a water proof container, it is just as effective as the day it was manufactured. 
  • We can visualize where clean water and Gizmo go hand in hand.

We hope you find it in your heart to join us in our opportunities to make a difference.